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Hello all that have found me here! Perhaps you are already a fan or maybe you are just discovering the music for the first time via a friend's recommendation, a rabbit hole, or just pure coincidence. Maybe you heard one of our song's on a radio station in the car, or Pandora on your computer at work, or on a mix at a party. Point is, by coming here you have reached me at one of the most supportive services for the sustainability of my craft.

I have been making music for the past ten years and it is here at Bandcamp ONLY that you can access my FULL catalogue. That's right, not all services contain every one of our records. But here, they got it covered and share with us the profits in a way that is both fair and supportive.

Since putting out my last record, I have pulled together a set up at home in which we are making a lot of music here on a regular basis. It has been really liberating and inspiring in that I can make recordings now at my own will without having to organize whole sessions, pay for studios, and take off of my "day-jobs" (yes i have a few) which are a necessary part of my routine and survival. My life lately has been able to incorporate recording more than ever before which has been a blessing as an independent artist in 2016. I foresee being able to make a lot more music for you in this set-up and I want to share it with you. I see making music as the core of my character and it's a huge concern of mine that I can continue to make it and share it with the world at large.

Choosing to become a subscriber to my work would not only give you all recordings I have made thus far, but also help me deliver you new recordings, of both the full album variety as well as one-offs, b-sides, and other zany-brainy efforts. You also get a 20% discount on hard copies of my albums. A subscription lasts a year. I plan on putting out another full-length this year so you already are in for some new work! Subscriptions help see these projects through and honor my efforts and expenses that are part of the process.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about this new chapter of my musical life, Birdie Busch

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Birdie Busch
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Coming out of what could be called a veritable renaissance that has put Philadelphia back at the top of the list of America’s music capitals, Birdie Busch joins other talented locals and partners in crime that seeks to make great music, inspire people, and see what happens.

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